Event Managers

Less than a kilometer from my childhood home, I spoke at #Inspire2023 last Thursday. The Society for Event Managers organized a beautiful day for 530 relations. Everything was outside, in the beautiful Rotterdam Arboretum Trompenburg. Wednesday and Friday there was a lot of rain, but Thursday was radiant. Apparently you enforce something like that!

Inspire is a great kickoff to the fall season. Very nice to meet so many people again after a long summer and wonderful to be back in action full of energy. In my story I made the link between music and events. There is a lot to be said about that. For example, event managers and musicians try to envoke emotion through their work. With live piano, I showed how great the impact of music can be. I am already looking forward to the next event. And I’m a happy man, because there are a nice lot of them coming up this fall!