Biography of Nicolaas Duin

As a freelance musician, Nicolaas Duin spent over 25 years on stages around the world. From the ‘Alpha’ stage at Lowlands to a village square in Guatemala, and from theaters in Buenos Aires to the beaches of CuraƧao. Wherever he went, he witnessed the positive impact of music on people.

After completing high school at Montessori Lyceum in Rotterdam, Nicolaas enrolled at the HKU (Utrecht University of the Arts) for a program in ‘Music Technology.’ He graduated with a degree in ‘Applied Composition and Production.’ During his studies, Nicolaas played in various bands, including Ot Azoj Klezmerband. This group had a packed schedule at the time, sometimes performing up to 5 times in a weekend, all across the Netherlands and even beyond.

In the studio, Nicolaas felt right at home and was involved as a composer, producer, and musician in music for a wide range of theater, film, and advertising productions.

Nicolaas played in the orchestras of national musical productions and became the bandleader for Danny de Munk and Henk Poort. He shared the stage with artists like Loes Luca, Bob Fosko, Willeke Alberti, Angela Groothuizen, Yentl & De Boer, Vuile Huichelaar, De Smartlappenkaraoke, Madelijne Kool, Monique Klemann, Wieneke Remmers, Brownie Dutch, Thijs Boontjes, Veldhuis & Kemper, and many others.

One day a week, Nicolaas teaches at Globe in the Muziekcentrum van de Omroep in Hilversum, where he also serves as a board member.

Years ago, the idea of using music as a metaphor for collaboration, communication, and connection in the business world was born. Musicians can learn a lot from the business world, and vice versa! However, due to a busy performing schedule, it never materialized. That was until COVID-19 disrupted the packed agenda. Suddenly, there was time and a need for something new. It didn’t take long for a concept to emerge for team-building sessions, keynotes, and workshops, focusing on insights from music that are relevant beyond the concert hall.

Soon, prominent clients such as KPMG, Microsoft, ING, ABN-Amro, FedEx, Guerlain Paris, various ministries, and many others found Nicolaas for a dose of inspiration and a musical perspective.