The last few miles of 2023 was tough, but wonderful. 3 to 4 keynotes a week, as in the last period, is top sport. But it ends up giving much more energy than it costs. Over and over again, music proves to be a rock-solid metaphor for collaboration. How does your team sound? Where are the dissonants? How can you improve harmony together? The live music during the keynotes creates emotion. And connection. It’s amazing!

2023 was the year when speaking really became my full-time job. I enjoy every step of the way.

Thanks to all the lovely clients for trusting me. Thanks to all the people in the room for the attention. Thanks to the speakers’ agents for your tireless efforts. Thanks to my dear colleagues for mentioning my name again and again, because word of mouth is the best advertisement. Thanks to the speakersclub for the coaching. And thank you all for the enormous support, the positive feedback, the empathy and the many kind messages.

Yesterday was the last one of this year. Now nice Christmas break, but I can’t wait to ‘get’ back in January!

Merry Christmas and a very healthy and happy 2024. πŸ’«πŸΎπŸ₯‚