Musical Perspective

When dealing with complicated issues, it sometimes works well to look at them from a different perspective.

Yesterday, for instance, I invited IND employees to look at their work through “musical glasses”. Because the asylum issue is under a magnifying glass, the pressure is enormous and the challenges for the IND are huge.

With live music, lots of interaction and positive energy, I used music as a metaphor and talked about:

👉 listening
👉 tuning in
👉 taking responsibility
👉 balancing
👉 emotion
👉 dissonance in your team
👉 speeding up and slowing down
👉 passion
👉 and the importance of playing!

What a cool venue, the International Conference Centre in The Hague. I would love to come back there again! The people in the room were also fine, led by chairman of the day Gert-Jan De Maagd. And those people also sang polyphonically! 👏👏

Thanks for the organisation, Luise-Anna Kroon, Monique Rozier and Joel Schoneveld.