Nines and Tens

“Huh, why are you participating in the Talk-Like-A-Pro programme? Because you already speak in front of big halls every week, right?”

I got that question from all sides last week, after SPEAKERS.CLUB announced the participants of the new batch.

True. Less than four years ago, I gave my first presentation. Music as a metaphor. What does your collaboration sound like? Where are the dissonances and how can we speed up (or slow down) together? I let it be heard literally, from behind the piano and I linked it to my own experiences and insights as a musician.

That concept strikes a chord. Two months ago, my goal was at least 50 speaking engagements in 2024. Meanwhile, I have already adjusted that goal to a minimum of 60 bookings 💪 because it is taking a storm.

Fantastic, of course, but with that comes a responsibility. I don’t want to score sevens or eights with my clients, but nines and tens. (A characteristic of musicians: there is always room for improvement…🤓)

That is one of the reasons why I am participating. Apart from that, it’s also just a lot of fun. Working with a nice team to focus on all aspects that are important to deliver a professional keynote.

SPEAKERS.CLUB is at a special location, with impressive facilities and catering. (Evening ‘Haute Cuisine Dining’ on stage after an intensive day is quite nice. 😀)

It will be hard work in the coming months, but challenging yourself gives energy.

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