Ruud Jan Bos has been a fine colleague as a guitarist for years, but also turns out to be an excellent driver, producer, assistant, mental coach and director!

Thursday afternoon I gave a keynote at Twenthe Airport, and immediately afterwards a second speaking job at BV Noordoostpolder. There were many kilometres and few minutes between the two bookings. Therefore, a driver was not an unnecessary luxury.

Perhaps not superfluous, but it certainly felt like a luxury to be driven around in my own car! On the road, it was a treat, but also in terms of support, lugging, setting up and packing again, it was ideal. And then that mental support and feedback! Ruud Jan Bos, thanks for the clear analyses and the nice suggestions on the way back.

Opening, interaction, didactics and tension curve. Very nice and useful to spend the hours in the car sparring about that. I can’t wait to apply the new ideas at my next keynote next Tuesday!